• Ankita Mahabir

Where Do They Live Today?

Photographs, words and emotions, they live separately these days. In forgotten folders, poorly named docs and somewhere in our hearts.

A new phone or a laptop, evolving social media channels - so many photographs and memories lost or forgotten. Where do they live today?

Bit by bit, I change that

I allow the words to surface on my skin, revisit the emotions like an old friend and look at those photographs again. My goal is singular. To bring them together, a reunion of sorts. Nobody should be lonely. Not even photographs, words and emotions.

The songs we'd make up - of all things silly under the sun - we did it then, we do it now. The thousand word emails we wrote, his, ironically, most full of love and emotion during our worst fights. I read them even today. The Magna Carta of our story.

The rushed letters I always wrote. I almost missed my flight to India one year. Once, he actually did miss the plane. We were at the movies, miles away from his home. We don't miss flights any more but we still leave notes and letters lying around.

The walks, the words, the whispers are vivid memories and I remember them all. Recently he said something he'd said to me 8 years ago. He'd forgotten. Perhaps he thought I'd forgotten too. But I remember it all. I remember it like it was yesterday

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